Since October 2015, more than 200 Syrian refugee families have resettled in the state of Michigan — a number larger than any other state in the country. An addition to that, about 500 families are presumed to arrive by the end of this year. And this is only Syrian refugees. Michigan is home to hundreds of refugees from other parts of the world.

Syrian Refugees

After arriving to the U.S. refugees face numerous challenges, including a difficulty in speaking English, integrating into a new culture, raising children, securing work and housing, accessing services like mental health assistance, and finding transportation.

Muslim Family Services (MFS), a division of ICNA Relief USA based in Detroit, MI, has been servicing the refugee community for years. The Refugee Resettlement Program has been enhanced to be a one-stop center to fulfill all refugee needs during their first months in the U.S. MFS has helped more than 100 refugee families with the following services:

  •        Welcome Boxes consisting of items such as toiletries and groceries
  •        Short-term housing: hotel/motel, the Sakinah House
  •        Furniture,
  •        Transportation,
  •        Financial and emergency assistance,
  •        Counseling,
  •        Self employment tools to help refugees stand on their feet for the first six months.

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With access to shelter, proper meals, and educational training and programs, refugee individuals and families will be on the path to a more stable life, both mentally and physically. The resettlement program is designed to assist refugees on these life-changing journeys.

MFS has received a great response from donors since the increase of refugees in Michigan. With your support, MFS provided furniture, such as sofa sets and dining tables, to about 50 refugee families in the past two months. Recently, a 15-seater van was donated to help transport refugees relocating from hotel to permanent housing. MFS has also acquired a truck to deliver furniture to the refugee families in need.

See how your donation can help:

Amount Services
$150 Welcome box
$250 Groceries for a month
$300 Transportation
$600 + Housing - Rental Assistance for a month
$1500 Self Employment Tools
In-Kind Donation Furniture, Car, Cutlery, Pots, Pans, Winter Apparel.


If you or your organization would like to help support the Refugee Resettlement Program monetary or in-kind, or provide beneficial services/assistance to refugees, please contact MFS.

To support the program with monetary donations, here are the different ways;

1. Our Website

2. You can write a check made payable to "Muslim Family Services" or "MFS" and mention "Refugees" in the memo section. 

    Mailing Address: 12346 McDougall St. Detroit, MI. 48128

**Learn about the Four Campaigns that MFS is hosting for the refugees.**