Mohammad Baij is a refugee that fled Syria and was staying at the Zaatari Camp in Jordan. He and his family were admitted into the U.S. in 2015 and have been residing in Sylvania, OH. Mohammad had polio as a child and has been in a wheelchair since, but that hasn’t stopped him for working hard to support his family to the best of his ability.

He was in a car accident about a year ago and his legs were fractured in this accident due to the vehicle not having a wheelchair locking mechanism. His legs are still not fully healed. His car was totaled in the accident and insurance helped pay for a new car on the condition of him buying a wheelchair-accessible van from a specific company. The new van with handicap-modification cost $43,337. Donations of about $3,000 were collected to put towards his payments. After the insurance payout, he still owes around $18,000.

He is the sole provider of his family as his wife is not capable of doing much outside of the house. He must drive his children to and from school daily, go to the grocery store, and make sure he gets to all doctor appointments, be it for him or his children. With the amount he receives as income, they still can’t pay their full rent, buy toiletries, or even have enough food in the house.

Being in this stressful cycle won’t allow Mohammed to ever become financially independent unless we step up and give him additional help.

Mohammad is appealing to you to raise $10,000 to help him pay a lump sum towards his vehicle so he can use his income to pay his rent and other bills without struggle.

Let us help ease the burden off of our brothers and sisters and help them become financially independent so they will no longer need assistance and will be able to live with dignity.

Our Refugee Program is designed to help refugees become financially independent by providing necessary assistance and resources such as financial help, ESL classes, furniture distribution, employment, and counseling. Our goal is to permanently break the cycle of financial impoverishment in our community.

*Any extra money raised for this appeal will go towards families just like Mohammad’s through our Refugee Program. 

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