Rise By Helping Others

Being able to provide for oneself is a great feeling. Refugees who came to this country are willing to use their skills to rebuild their lives. For our Self Employment Program, MFS has been collecting items and monetary donations to help refugees start home based businesses to support their families. On Tuesday, December 13,2016, Br Dwight Nettles came to MFS’ office to take a sewing machine, given by our gracious donors, to give a refugee sister the opportunity to stand on her feet. Insha'Allah, God-Williing, she will be taking orders for hemming, making adjustments, embroidery, and sewing to maintain a monthly income.

A huge thanks to Br. Dwight, volunteers, and donors who are supporting MFS to help refugees regain their lives through a sense of achievements. If you would like to be a part of this campaign, please click here to show your support!


A Mother In Need

A widowed mother of two left this note for MFS:

There have been several occasions where we had no income and were in need of immediate assistance. Ever since my husband's passing, it's been tough. We received cash assistance, but then it got cut off. My daughter's grades dropped, our cash assistance got cut off two years after his death, and we had to move about four times within the span of three months. We have been coming to MFS monthly for the food pantry and are grateful that the organization has been helpful.




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A Mother's Wish

MFS received a beautiful message from a single mother desperately in need. These hopeful notes remind us all of why we do what we do.

"I am a single mother of five, struggling like many families, financially. Regardless of my need, Allah has always been gracious to my children by allowing me to find help from charities and associations that are able to provide my children’s’ needs for clothing, personal hygiene, and dietary needs without compromising or neglecting our religious beliefs or the five pillars of Islam.

Muslim Family Services helped me in my time of great need, when I didn’t know what I would do for my children’s backpacks, school supplies, and clothing.

Thank you so much for all the generous people who have donated their time, money, and material belongings that without, my five beautiful children wouldn’t be able to enjoy their first day of school and concentrate on their education, responsibilities, and Allah’s blessed Qur’an.

Thank you and may Allah send His blessings and good health to all."

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Welcoming Mothers with Children

We have welcomed another mother and her beautiful children to the Sakinah House. After accepting them, they received a bag of goodies put together through the efforts of our wonderful donors.