Sakinah House - Women's Transitional House

We are NOW accepting applications! 

If you or a loved one would like to be screened for temporary residency at our Women's Transitional Home,

please contact us at: Ph: 313-366-6800        Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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On Saturday November 2nd, 2013, Muslim Family Services, a division of ICNA Relief USA Programs, in Detroit, MI opened the doors of it's very own women's transitional home called 'Sakinah House'. Sakinah House is Michigan's 1st Muslim developed and operated women's transitional home. The facility was donated to Muslim Family Services by a local businessman as sadaqa jariah (a coninuous good deed) for his mother. The facility is named after the man's mother and coincidentally, the word 'Sakinah' means peace, tranquility and comfort in the Arabic language. Muslim Family Services intends for this home to provide all of these qualities in addition to instilling skills for self sufficiency in it's residents. 

We are accepting single women and mothers (with 1 -2 child/children) of all backgrounds. The Sakinah House is designed to help displaced women become independent, productive and contributing members of society. We refer to our home as a 'transitional' home because we plan to provide the assistance and educational programs needed to help our residents gain independent living skills and regain self-confidence while staying in a safe and clean environment at the Sakinah House, InshAllah (God-Willing).


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Take a look inside Sakinah House

 IMG 9762     

Entrance of the First Floor

     IMG 9766          

                                                                                  Dining Area of the Second Floor                                                                          

IMG 9774




Entertainment Area of the First Floor

IMG 9778

Laundry Room