Sunday 05 Jul 2015
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Muslim Family Services in Detroit, Michigan, is a division of ICNA Relief (Islamic Circle of North America). Our mission is to assist and facilitate the attainment and flourishing of the families based on Islamic teachings through educational, counseling, and liaison services.

Our Objectives include the following:

Educate Muslim Community and it's leadership about family issues in America by seminars, workshops, newsletter, publications, web page and email.

Provide adolescence, pre-marriage and marital counseling services by religious and professional counselors.

Liaison with family courts, social services departments, foster parent agencies and local Muslim community organizations regarding Islamic and family related issues.

Arrange emergency bill payment and residency help for battered families.
MFS offers a wide range of client and supportive services to those in the Metro Detroit area, regardless of their religious or ethnic background. The agency works collaboratively with other agencies, including faith-based agencies, to provide and sustain a circle of care for vulnerable families in Southeastern Michigan. 

MFS has since grown to be a leader in the delivery of Islamic social service to both Muslim and non-Muslim clients. Our diverse client population demands from us diversity in our service delivery and staff. MFS adheres to industry standards in respect to client/counselor relations, client confidentiality and cultural and religious sensitivity.

Services are provided free of charge to all persons and groups who are eligible. MFS provides assistance to those without income as well as those with low to moderate income. Individuals without traditional health insurance coverage are also eligible for MFS services.

News & Updates

Blankets to Keep Warm This Winter

MFS works with World Medical Relief, Inc. to refer its clients for low-cost prescription medications and supplies. MFS has received 100 blankets and 25 crib blankets from World Medical Relief, Inc. to distribute to the homeless and needy in the area. If you know of anyone who may be in need of keeping warm this winter, please call 313-366-6800.


Contact Us

12346 McDougall Detroit, MI 48212 313-366-6800 Mon-Thurs. 10AM-4PM Please leave a message after hours.

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