Friday 03 Jul 2015
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Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is the mistreatment of one family member by another. Most often perpetrators of abuse and battering are - a spouse, ex-spouse,boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or lover. Most often victims of abuse are women and children. The abuse can be physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and psychological. Type of Abuse

Physical Abuse
Dragged through the home, threatened with a weapon, thrown down stairs, threw objects, banged head in wall, pushed out of the car, slapped, punched, chocked, burned, raped, hair pulled, kidnapped, suffocated, restrained, cut. 

Sexual Abuse
Friends wanted sex after abuse, forced distasteful sex act, brought other women home, made constant sexual demand, accused of affaird, forced pregnancy, beaten if refused sex, raped, accusing of fat and ugly, withheld sex etc.etc. 

Financial Abuse
Controlled of check book, took money, destroyed belongings, forced to work, forced to commit robberies, quit job, forced to write bad checks, spent money on drugs and alcohol etc.etc. 

Verbal Abuse
Threatened to take away kids, called stupid, yelled at, name calling, cussed at, threatened to kill, called stupid, ugly and dumb, accused of alcoholic and drug user etc.etc. 

Emotional Abuse
Threats to kill me, kids or himself, embrassing me in front of others, physical withdrawal, suicide attemps, no privacy, constant demand of my time, not allowed to use phone, forced working even sick etc.etc. 

If you know of any domestic violence victims, please contact Muslim Family Services for immediate help.

News & Updates

Blankets to Keep Warm This Winter

MFS works with World Medical Relief, Inc. to refer its clients for low-cost prescription medications and supplies. MFS has received 100 blankets and 25 crib blankets from World Medical Relief, Inc. to distribute to the homeless and needy in the area. If you know of anyone who may be in need of keeping warm this winter, please call 313-366-6800.


Contact Us

12346 McDougall Detroit, MI 48212 313-366-6800 Mon-Thurs. 10AM-4PM Please leave a message after hours.

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